Introducing iOS 8 by Steve Derico

Want to design and develop iOS apps, but have little or no programming experience? This practical guide will show you how. By eliminating the jargon and simplifying programming into everyday concepts, you’ll learn how to use the basic building blocks necessary to build apps for iOS devices.

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Can't Imagine Better for Beginners

"I'm new to programming and recently learned Swift. I've been struggling for two months trying to learn the complexities of Xcode and the Cocoa framework. I've used lots of online help (useless) and even paid $200 for a video series, which only helped to a small extent, as I've learned videos don't help you fully understand and feel competent. Of all the technical books I've read, this book was amazing at making more complex concepts easy to understand. And it taught me so many things the other videos/resources did NOT. It really explained the cocoa framework code in detail and how to use it in combination with Swift, and that was the part missing from my videos. Every chapter has you implement in Xcode what you learned, so I'm practicing every concept. This book has helped me stop feeling frustrated and more confident. It's been invaluable to me as a beginner, and I hope the author will make more books to cover additional iOS features in the future."

-Renee Glendale, CA

I thought this book was pretty good because it assumes no previous programming knowledge

"I thought this book was pretty good because it assumes no previous programming knowledge. The author clearly knows what he's talking about and he's able to break everything down into something a non-programmer can understand."


Easy to follow guide to programming for iOS 8

"A practical, easy to follow guide to programming for iOS 8. Full of great examples and helpful tips."

-Andrew H,